Love, good relationship and homely interiors…

Work and studies take lots of time…

There is no time to share new projects or new knowledge…


Some moments just cannot be ignored!

I am always glad when I see my work living its own life now… I mean, redecoration not only accomplished but continues to live!

So, the main character of today’s post is a charming woman who I was creating apartment interior for in 2011. We were crashing and building walls, taking risky decisions that resulted really marvelous!

Not so long ago she found her love and now in  my news update I often see her story going on so happily. Hope, in the future I will be lucky to make a nursery for one more baby, but it’s too soon to tell )))

Today we are speaking about love, good relationship and homely interiors…

Under my customer’s permission I am posting this incredible photo here:

And once again: Happy birthday, Mira!

PS the project itself can be seen here:


(Русский) Редизайн кафе…удаленная консультация.

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Restaurant club “Golden Mile” in Korolev

Today I am going to tell you about a project of the restaurant “Golden Mile”, summer 2013, if I am not mistaken.

Unfortunately, I cannot call this project entirely mine, since at one of the work stages I had to stop our collaboration due to abusive behavior of some of the founders.

Nevertheless, there was a lot of work done, plus, in the end the customer used my ideas, so I suppose I am fully entitled to post both my sketches and the final photos of the real premise where my materials are obviously seen.



(Русский) Редизайн в ресторане.

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(Русский) Медленно, но верно!

Sorry, this entry is only available in Russian.

Project workflow.


Today my customer and I have been to a workshop: checking blanks for future interior doors, looking through kitchen foresides and choosing an acceptable coating!

We are looking forward to finishing the necessary works and mounting all this beauty.

Let me remind you, the main info on the project can be found here:

Ссылка на проект


Apartment design 90 sq.m. (The City 312)

Apartment design 90

This post is going to tell you about creating a design project for a two-room flat of 90 sq.m.

I am lucky to work with an incredibly charming woman.
The task is to create an unusual, facile and cosy interior.


Consulting: living room redesign.

When a person doesn’t have enough time or money to afford a full project, but they need some help from a designer, then it’s possible to resort to CONSULTING services.


The living room in this flat required this particular kind of help.
A charming young lady – a mother of two wonderful girls and a loving wife – wanted to make a fast and cost-effective redesign in their living room.

We also had a critical condition: to fit a big family friend into the interior – a large lilac sofa.


(Русский) Проект: лето 2012

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(Русский) Газпром нефть

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