Дела семейные :)

(Русский) Comic con Spb 2015

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Mandatory to visit with my whole family!

   Since my husband works in computer games developing, our family just cannot miss this particular event!

   Tomorrow my husband and I are going there and taking our sons with us! It will not only be interesting, but also useful, as they plan to connect their career with games developing, like their dad.

Pros of getting up early



For many years I used to work at night and was convinced this is the only time for creativity and inspiration…

A bit more than a year ago yoga came into my life and adjusted many of my habits affecting the daily routine.

I began to wake up earlier and earlier without alarm-clock and quickly noticed how many upsides early birds enjoy.

Before my children are awake, I can indulge more than an hour of yoga and have time to brush myself up.

Before the training I prepare dough and by the time my sons wake up there is the smell of fresh baking spread around the house. Or I can make a tasty hot and, more important, healthy breakfast for my family.

A day that has started wit  training and a contrast shower gives you loads of energy! Now I manage to do the amount of things I couldn’t even hope to do before, when I was working all night leaving just 4 hours to sleep.

By the way, now I sleep just 2 hours more.

I have time for everything: do a pile of work, study regularly myself, help my sons with their studies and am able to do all the chores.

And sure, a couple of words about the “Pomodoro technique” that entered my life several months ago and made it possible to do things many times as fast as before.

(Русский) О людях…

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Bringing up children…

Bringing up children…


Every parent dreams of bringing up their children to be very good people…

Everybody tries to cultivate something good in their children by all means available.

We all intend to lay the maximum of what we consider right, and we all hope that our children will be better, stronger, smarter and more successful than we are.

Unfortunately, the real life is not always like this. And even more, our children not only ignore our instigations, but also try their best to outdo their parents, even in those aspects that we do not like about ourselves. Why does it happen so?


To Saint Petersburg for a year


I am glad to tell you that since my husband has accepted a job offer from one Saint Petersburg companies, the nearest year the main part of my projects will be taken in the city of the Neva River. 


Hello Saint-Petersburg!


(Русский) Новогодние каникулы

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It takes your breath away!


Mountains are my true passion!

New places – that’s my life!

Today we’ve had this view in front of our eyes:

Breathtaking! As if you are in another world ))))

(Русский) В планах.

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(Русский) Празднечное :)

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