(Русский) Редизайн кафе…удаленная консультация.

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Restaurant club “Golden Mile” in Korolev

Today I am going to tell you about a project of the restaurant “Golden Mile”, summer 2013, if I am not mistaken.

Unfortunately, I cannot call this project entirely mine, since at one of the work stages I had to stop our collaboration due to abusive behavior of some of the founders.

Nevertheless, there was a lot of work done, plus, in the end the customer used my ideas, so I suppose I am fully entitled to post both my sketches and the final photos of the real premise where my materials are obviously seen.



(Русский) Текучка на объектах.

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To Saint Petersburg for a year


I am glad to tell you that since my husband has accepted a job offer from one Saint Petersburg companies, the nearest year the main part of my projects will be taken in the city of the Neva River. 


Hello Saint-Petersburg!


A two-room flat (The City 312)

I have just delivered a project of a two-room flat.


The project was remarkable for two things:

  • The first one is the customers themselves. An incredible family couple. With grown up children living separately, and many years of marriage behind, one can still feel mutual love in the air while communicating with them. And it is incredibly touching and pleasant to witness.
  • The second thing is the process of creating the project.


(Русский) Редизайн в ресторане.

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(Русский) Большое превращение маленькой кухни.

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(Русский) Медленно, но верно!

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Project workflow.


Today my customer and I have been to a workshop: checking blanks for future interior doors, looking through kitchen foresides and choosing an acceptable coating!

We are looking forward to finishing the necessary works and mounting all this beauty.

Let me remind you, the main info on the project can be found here:

Ссылка на проект


55-square-metre flat in Dzerzhinsk.

This is one of the latest projects of the departing 2013.
A difficult task was set: to accommodate a young family with their charming twin boys on an area of 55 sq.m.