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 Interior designer Yaroslavna Galivets: “Design and decoration are a purely woman’s thing”



Limon.KG keeps telling you about interesting people of our city. Today we decided to speak about a talented interior designer and just a nice woman Yaroslavna Galivets.





        Yaroslavna, can you tell a bit about yourself.

        Talking about “oneself” is always the most difficult thing. Basically, I can say everything about myself in one phrase: I adore my work, my family (my two sons and my husband), good literature and travelling.



        Why did you decide to become an interior designer?

        I’ve chosen the field where I can devote myself 24/7. Something that I am never tired of, something that brings me pleasure on every stage. I believe, everybody can and should find a particular thing that he or she will enjoy doing, then their life will be full of happiness and will never get routine.





        How long have you been working in this area?

        I’ve been in this business since 2004. A lot of projects have been created over these years: mainly, private apartments, houses. Speaking of much-talked-of, I guess that’s the bar called Atmosphere. I heard they made some redesign, so I can’t describe the way it looks now, but that time it was one of the most interesting bars in the capital.

        You have a very creative job, where do you find the inspiration for new projects?

        First of all, that’s the customer and his premises that inspire me. A blank sheet of paper that has lots of potential, and you have it all given into your hands. That gives tons of energy and inspiration. Once you see the space, you get giddy with the number of thoughts and ideas.







        Traditionally, architecture and design have been considered to be man’s job. What about you, have you experienced any difficulties in your career, being a woman designer?

        I cannot agree that architecture and design are man’s profession. Moreover, if a man in the field of architecture is quite a common reality, they have nothing (pardon me, my dear colleagues) to do with the sphere of design. Design and decoration are a purely woman’s thing.




        How do you evaluate competition in the sphere of design?

        If you are a good specialist, then the competition just does not exist.




        Which of your works makes you proud most?

        Well, projects are like children: “Which one is your greatest pride?” How can one answer that? They are all different, all your loved ones, and you are proud with each of them!

        Tell us please, about the latest trends in apartment design.

        Fortunately, year by year interiors tend to be functional but not heavy. The accent is further and further from piles of plasterboard and tons of border lights. The preference is more about space, light and airiness.








        Have you ever dealt with any conflict customers?

        Sure, you can’t avoid it. These wonderful people are necessary for you not to forget to appreciate the great bulk of marvelous people that form the majority of my customers.



        Have there been any disagreements? What should one do if such situation?

        It’s impossible to give a stock answer. There are some cases when the question is posed point-blank, as a rule, such behavior is unacceptable and collaboration dies out. On the other hand, there are situations when a person is just really hard to please, so in this case I fight to the finish.




        What are your plans for the future?

        My plans are simple to a fault: continue making different places cozy and beautiful.




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