Consulting: living room redesign.

When a person doesn’t have enough time or money to afford a full project, but they need some help from a designer, then it’s possible to resort to CONSULTING services.


The living room in this flat required this particular kind of help.
A charming young lady – a mother of two wonderful girls and a loving wife – wanted to make a fast and cost-effective redesign in their living room.

We also had a critical condition: to fit a big family friend into the interior – a large lilac sofa.

So, this is what we had at the beginning:


For starters, we got rid of old wallpaper and chandelier!

We talked over the main concept, chose the materials, and some decorative elements for the room…

Then, we stretched the ceilings and re-arranged electric wiring.


This is what we got in the end:




Unfortunately, photos made with a good camera have been destroyed, so I have to upload my telephone pics. :)