Bringing up children…

Bringing up children…


Every parent dreams of bringing up their children to be very good people…

Everybody tries to cultivate something good in their children by all means available.

We all intend to lay the maximum of what we consider right, and we all hope that our children will be better, stronger, smarter and more successful than we are.

Unfortunately, the real life is not always like this. And even more, our children not only ignore our instigations, but also try their best to outdo their parents, even in those aspects that we do not like about ourselves. Why does it happen so?

The answer is simple: children copy everything what we do and what we are, and the result is worsened by the social environment. There are a lot of opinions and discussions about degrading society! And yet, why do I bring up this painfully familiar topic today?

I want to share my parenting approach.

I have been thinking for a long time how to make my children fully prepared for life?

  • How to be a friend to your own children?
  • How to teach them to be a solid team?
  • How to teach them to be strong?

This pile of questions that I have been continually asking myself, plenty of thoughts and literature lead me to understanding of one simple fact:

First of all, I don’t have to din into their heads the fundamental truths of life, no, I have to work on myself and bring myself up!

Figure out and overcome my own weaknesses!

I have taken the responsibility to be a mother! And the only way to convey what actually works in life and what doesn’t is my own example.

It was a real fight with my habits, laziness and fears. And it still lasts every day and will continue as long as I live.

A lot has changed and keeps changing in my life and in lives of my kids. This is an absolutely fascinating process, since not everything can be altered quickly and easily.

But I can tell one thing for sure: that does work!

If I don’t like anything about my sons’ behavior, I ask myself what the reason is. I find the answer that reveals my mistakes, my flaws that I need to focus on.

The result of my experiment will be seen in the long run, but even now I can come up to some conclusions: my children are certainly more conscious and well-educated comparing with their peers. I am never ashamed of their behavior in public, I can bring them to business meetings, to rest areas, journeys and they have never caused any single trouble at any age.

My elder son first appeared with me at the site when he was a bit over 2 years old, it happened so that my little son did the same when he was just 3 days old. But never any of my meetings has been jeopardized, not even once any of my sons has got a judgemental look upon.

This is my parenting principle: start with yourself!

Solving your own problems is the only way for you children to absorb information. When you are not a mentor, but a person of trust, when you really have a chance to give best to your kid.

Thank you for your patience in reading this article. I hope it will be useful for some of you and will help change your life and lives of your children.