Hello to you, my dear visitors :)

Welcome to the most informal and I would even say a rather private part of my online residence:


I must  tell you that in this part of my website despite the topics devoted to creating design projects, you as well will encounter different posts with some photos taken during trips, stories about  some events that impressed me a lot and that I will be happy to share with you and some other stuff.

For your convenience, all publications are  divided into sections, so there is no difficulty sorting out the posts that are interesting for you.

In the current greeting post I decided to give a brief description for each of the sections of my blog:

  • Offers: interesting offers that are hard to resist
  • Process: further details are redundant, creating a project from A to Z
  • Publications: my articles or articles about me
  • Consulting: projects without drawings or visualizations
  • Space alterations: projects where replanning has been done
  • Public interiors: caf, restaurant, night club, office, hotel, etc. projects
  • One-room flat: one-room flat projects
  • Two rooms and more: projects of flats and houses that have two rooms or more
  • Two-level apartments: projects of flats and houses that have several levels (floors)
  • Contemporary interior: contemporary design projects
  • Loft style: Loft style projects
  • Ethnic style: ethnic style projects
  • Classical interior: classical style project
  • Related ideas: elaborating on various working moments
  • Helpful: articles and tips for customer
  • “Before” and “after”:  once projects have been completed, the customers didn’t forget to send the final photos (or I managed to take some shots myself). That’s a real pity that most customers simply neglect providing photos after the remodeling has been finished.
  • Beyond work: everything that I find interesting but that doesn’t fit any section above
  • Family matters: besides my beloved job I have a wonderful family, a great husband and beautiful sons

World through the camera: the hobby of taking pictures goes back

  • to my childhood, a photocamera is always with me. I travel a lot, picture a lot and in this section you can see the shots.

I hope it will be easy for you to find the necessary information
Unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to upload all the projects just because even the simplest preparation takes over two hours.

The website was launched in a high season and I do lack these hours. I am trying my very best to find some time for uploading step by step, here to the blog, and to portfolio, and that still is a matter of time.

So, if by any reason you haven’t found your project here that doesn’t mean that I consider it unimportant, that just means I have  not had time to prepare it yet 

Best regards,

Your designer,

Yaroslavna Galivets